Bahu Begum 6th September 2019 Written Update:- Noor tries to put Shayra down but Azaan backfires it to her.

The episode starts with Surraiya taunting Shayra to never had any muh dikayi while Noor is having such a grand muh dikayi. Shayra tries to leave and Surraiya gifts her with shagun saying that she never differentiate between Noor and Shayra. The guests taunt Azaan for bringing a new begum each day and Shayra gets angry.
Noor asks Azaan about how she’s looking and Azaan says that she has everything except the heart. Shayra asks the guests to not say a word against her husband. Surraiya says that they’ll play a game with Shayra till Noor comes. They start giving points for Shayra and Noor based on beauty and other stuff. Shayra gets furious and asks them to stop it.

Noor asks Azaan to not do any drama in front of the guests. Azaan says that all these dramas is started by only her and he’ll now follow whatever his heart says. Shayra praises Azaan in front of all the guests and taunts them for being so nosy. Shayra indirectly taunts Surraiya for making fun of Azaan. Noor deliberately falls down to create a scene in front of the guests as they are deeply in love.

Azaan holds her and Noor looks at Shayra’s pain from the corner of eyes. Azaan pushes Noor while guests says that they are right. Azaan tries to give back to them while Shayra signals something to him and he calms down. Shayra tries leaving but Noor stops her and taunts Shayra. Surraiya explains about the competition and Noor says that she has won the competition.

Shayra starts leaving but Azaan stops her. He asks dilruba to call office and inform about him being late for the day. He asks about the game and thanks guests for attending the muh dikayi. He asks Noor to move and makes Shayra sit beside her. Azaan says that first he’ll do his first begum Shayra’s muh dikayi shocking Noor. He says that he couldn’t do her muh dikayi because of the death of Yasmeen and Faiz. He praises Shayra and insults Noor for acting like kid. He says that she got him as a donation from Shayra infuriating Noor. Azaan apologise Shayra for the drama and says that he can’t see her in pain.

Azaan starts the muh dikayi and a guest gifts Shayra and wishes her. He praises the gift and gives points to Shayra. He gives the gift to Noor from Surraiya and Noor keeps it furious. Azaan insults Noor by giving Shayra’s rejected gift to Noor and gives a point to her.

Azaan gives all the beautiful gifts to Shayra and the rejected ones to Noor. Guests also do only Shayra’s muh dikayi and None cared to do Noor’s muh dikayi. Azaan thanks everyone for coming and says that he enjoyed a lot than anybody else. Noor swore to herself that Azaan didn’t do right by insulting her in front of the guests.

Precap: Azaan asks guests to do Noor’s muh dikayi too and says that all the gifts are given to Shayra. Noor asks Azaan to at least have her sheer kuruma first. Azaan tastes it and spits it saying that it’s same as her thoughts.