Bahu Begum 7th August 2019 Written Update:- Noor warns Shayra and blackmails her

The episode starts with Shayra rushing to Azaan to reveal about Noor but then they both hear some sound. They turn to find Noor lying on the floor after falling from the terrace . They rushed to her shouting. Noor blames Shayra for her condition and dies in the hands of Azaan. Later it’s revealed to be Shayra’s nightmare. Shayra shouts waking up while Azaan comforts her. They share a moment but Shayra gets reminded of Noor’s demand and gets nervous.

Azaan pacifiers her thinking it to be because of his lack of attention towards her. He says that they’ve waited for five years and asks her to wait for some more time. Shayra and Azaan have some light-hearted talks but Noor’s words kept ringing in her ears stopping Shayra from being in peace. Shayra is about to reveal Azaan of Noor’s intention but he stops her.

Shayra hears the laughing sound and finds Noor and Azaan’s sister doing window shopping. Razia and Shayra get happy to see Noor getting back to normal. Azaan arrives there and shares a romantic moment with Shayra in front of Noor. Noor burns in jealous seeing it. Surraiya watches it from upstairs and burns in anger to see Noor back to normal.

Azaan scolds Noor for buying such expensive lehenga while Noor indirectly indicates Shayra that it’s for her Nikkah with Azaan. Razia and Azaan leave and Shayra says Noor that she’s happy to see her normal. Noor reveals that she’s just acting normal and says that she has only two days left. She asks her to decide whether she wants her death or marriage. Surraiya tries to overhear their talks hiding. Noor says that she has a bucket list and have to fulfill it in these two days as after two days it’s her death.

Surraiya couldn’t figure out properly from their talks and Shayra rushes to inform Razia about Noor. She finds Razia offering prayers and reveals everything to her from outside. She finds someone’s hand on her shoulder and turns to find Razia. She then peeps in to find Noor instead of Razia there and gets shocked. She realizes that she said everything to Noor instead of Razia. Noor scolds Shayra for trying to reveal everything to Razia. She once again blackmails her with suicide and warns her to not reveal anything to anyone. Surraiya comes out from hiding and reveals that she has recorded Shayra and Noor’s conversation.

Surraiya is about to hear the recording but drops the phone in water by mistake. Her phone dies and Surraiya gets upset. Razia conducts charity on Noor’s insistence and Shayra and Azaan gift them with clothes. Azaan tries helping Noor but Noor decides against it.

Azaan leaves and Shayra asks the reason for the charity. Noor says that it’s in her wishlist. She says she wants to donate before her death. Shayra asks her to stop it as she’s overdoing it. Shayra says Noor that she can give whatever she wants without thinking twice but she can’t give Azaan to her. She says that she can’t do injustice to Azaan. Azaan asks what injustice are they talking about.
Shayra says that they were just having some normal talks. Noor says that life itself is an injustice which gives everything to some people and gives nothing to others. She once again indirectly reminds Shayra of their deal.

Precap: Noor goes missing and everyone gets worried but Shayra says that she knows where Noor will be. They arrive somewhere and Shayra shouts Noor while Razia and Azaan stand confused.