Bahu Begum 7th January 2020 Written Update: Rubina is the Person who tampered with the Medicine

The episode starts with Azaan asking money from everyone. Rubina starts insulting Azaan. She tells him to stop dreaming about Shayra and collect money anyhow. She also insults him by saying that he should go out and work and him being a nawab look like a servant. She further says that he is the elder one and he cannot use it to his advantage and say anything to her. She told him that he should’ve agreed with whatever Noor had said to him earlier.

Mashooqa intervenes and says that she cannot misbehave with Azaan like this. Azaan tells mashooqa that she hasn’t said anything wrong. Dilruba says that Noor wants to turn the mahal into a hotel to which Rubina says that it’s her wish, she can convert it into a hotel or brothel. This makes Azaan furious. He shouts at her. Rubina says that first he should earn the required money and then talk to her.

Mashooqa and dilruba discuss with each other. Mashooqa is crying because of whatever had happened earlier. Dilruba consoles her saying that this is all Noor’s plan and she wants to bring Azaan back on his feet. Mashooqa gives dilruba the money amounting to ten thousand rupees which she had collected for the past few months to give to azaan and also offers to sell her earrings.

Dilruba tells her that she doesn’t have to do all this. Azaan will take care of everything. Azaan is racing against time. He looks at the remaining time every now and then. He searches for anything that he can sell and gather the money. He couldn’t find anything and then his eyes fall in the Paasa of begum sahiba. He decides to sell it. He tells begum sahiba that it is her pride but he has to sell it to collect the money. Noor looks at him all this while. She wishes that Azaan does not sell the paasa.

Azaan looks at it for some time and then decides that he will not sell it. He goes out of the room. After him leaving the room, Noor enters and speaks to begum sahiba. She tells her to get well soon as everything better depends on her getting well only. She then comes out and looks at Azaan sitting somewhere. She wishes for him to never lose hope and get up again and get going. Azaan thinks of something and gets up and goes somewhere.

later Rubina enters begum’s room with something. She has brought a powder which she mixes with water and gives it to begum sahiba. After making her drink the water she starts to leave and as soon as she tries to leave, khalid enters the room. He asks about the powder. Rubina says that it is an energy tonic that she gave to begum.

Khalid takes her out of the room and goes to his room and threatens Rubina to tell the truth. She tells him that she was the one who was mixing the powder in begum’s medicine so that she could not get well. That person is Rubina. She further says that she has been doing this from the time she entered the mahal. She even talked about selling begum’s jewellery. Khalid is shocked to hear all this. He slaps Rubina and tries to call the police. Rubina tries to stop him by saying that she is pregnant. Khalid stops. Rubina isn’t actually pregnant, she fakes it so that she could stop khalid from calling the cops.

Azaan goes to the club and his friend Babu bhaiya gives him twenty five thousand rupees and asks him how will he collect the rest of seventy five thousand rupees. The manager hears their talk and intervenes. He makes fun of Azaan saying that he will bring the amount from the tree. Azaan says that he really needs the money other wise his mother will lose her mahal.

The manager says that any which way she couldn’t understand anything to it won’t matter if she is in the mahal or on the road. Azaan gets angry and starts fighting with the manager. The manager gets him thrown out of the club.