Bahu Begum 7th November 2019 Written Update: Razia throws Gazala out of the house along with Surraiya

The episode starts with Khalid showing Gazala confession video to Azaan. Noor says about showing Gazala video to Shayra. Surraiya is about to slap Khalid but Razia stops her. Khalid says that he’s ashamed to call her his mother. He says that she’s given number of chances but still she never changed for good. Shayra says that she did hurt Razia in this process and apologizes. Razia forgives her. Gazala once again acts but none believes her. She puts the entire blame on Surraiya and Asgar and Surraiya gets shocked with it. She says about Gazala exchanging the divorce papers, her trapping Noor and Azaan in the hotel and also says that she’s the one who tried to kill Razia by trapping her in the box. Everyone gets shocked to the core hearing it and Azaan gets extremely furious. Surraiya asks Aladdin to say the truth too and Aladdin confesses about hiring fake police to divert their route and also about hitting Noor with stone so that the Paasha gets broken. Gazala asks him to stop and Azaan shouts back to stop her in return.

He says that he trusted her so much and wanted to join her with the family as he felt injustice happened to her. He blames himself for being blind even when Noor, Shayra and Razia kept saying about her true colors. He says that he’s ashamed to even calm her Daadi and asks Razia to oust her. Razia asks Dilruba and Mashuka to pack Dadi’s belongings along with Asgar and Surraiya’s. Surraiya gets shocked with it but Razia says that whatever she has done is only for her own good and not for anybody else. She says that she’s donate all the properties on their name to trust shocking Surraiya to the core

Surraiya takes her bag and calls for Khalid but Razia says that Khalid has did mistakes but he not only rectified but also stood by the good. Surraiya leaves furiously and Gazala filled her. She turns back and warns that she’s just living the house and not their lives. She says that she’ll not let them happy until she’s alive. Shayra says that the evilness of the house leaves the moment she leaves.

Few weeks later :

Shayra is getting ready in front of mirror. She hears Razia calling her and rushes but bumps with Noor. Noor makes some excuse and sends her back to room and gets in the car with Razia and leaves.

Noor says that how will they get their children and Razia calls her mad. Shayra calls Noor but she doesn’t pick up. Shayra then calls Azaan and finds him coming out of pool. He plays with her and they both share a beautiful romantic moment. They both consummate.

Precap : Razia and Noor visit the orphanage and a new entry comes.