Bahu Begum 8th August 2019 Written Update:- Razia agrees to Noor’s demand and decides to get her married

The episode starts with Azaan window shopping the lehenga which Noor asked from while Shayra asks him to order the same one for her. Azaan says that only one is available and Shayra asks the one for her. She asks him to select between her and Noor while Azaan chooses Noor. Shayra asks Azaan if a situation arrives where he has to save either her or Noor who will he choose. Azaan wishes for such situation to never arise and asks why’s she behaving weird. Surraiya informs Asgar about her suspicion on Noor and Shayra. Azaan asks Shayra to not to overthink and makes her lie on his lap. He sings lohri for her and Shayra closes her eyes. Shayra gets Yasmeen in her dream who asks her to save Noor. She says that Noor is planning to come to her and asks Shayra to stop her. Shayra wakes up with a jerk.


She rushes out and enquires others about Noor. They ask her to not worry and says she’ll be somewhere here but Shayra didn’t get convinced. She sends everyone to search for her and gets to know that she’s not present anywhere. Azaan tries calling her mobile but couldn’t reach her. Everyone gets worried for Noor while Shayra gets reminded of Yasmeen’s words and understands something. She says that she knows where Noor is and asks everyone to follow her.


Everyone reaches burial ground while Shayra shouts for Noor. She sees her lying on her mother’s grave. Shayra scolds Noor for her behavior. Azaan tries to intervene but Razia stops him and says that it’s between mother and daughters. Everyone leaves giving space for Noor and Shayra. Shayra asks Noor to stop manipulating her but Noor says that she’s not manipulating but is completing her wish list. She says that she wants Azaan and nothing else. She shows a newly dug grave and blackmails Shayra. Shayra leaves to inform others but Noor once again manipulates her in the name of suicide. She says she has twenty hours and asks her to decide by herself.


Shayra goes to Noor’s room and says that she wants to talk with her but Noor denies. Razia comes there and expresses that she wants to know the truth. She questions Noor and Shayra about the truth they are hiding. Shayra says nothing but Noor intervenes and says they she asked something to Shayra which she denied giving and asks Razia to give it. Noor explains everything to Razia while Razia stands shocked. Razia asks her to decide wisely but Noor stands adamant. Razia calls for everyone and everyone gathers around.


Azaan asks the reason for their gathering while Razia informs him that Noor wants to get married to the Nawab of Bhopal while Azaan stands shocked. She says that if Noor wants this then she can’t do anything about it. Razia moves towards Surraiya and asks Khalid’s hand for Noor. Razia gifts Surraiya her bangles as the gift of marriage but Surraiya throws it away saying that she will not agree but Khalid voices against Surraiya.


Khalid says that he accepts the proposal and agrees to marry Noor. Shayra gets remembered about Khalid trying to molest Noor and gets worried but Noor stands unaffected. Surraiya scolds Khalid for his decision and threatens him. Razia scolds Surraiya for forcing Khalid and asks her to let him marry Noor. Surraiya asks Razia that then why didn’t she get her son married to Noor.


Precap: Razia says that the decision will be taken by only Khalid and Noor. Razia announces Noor and Khalid’s marriage the next day. Noor says Shayra that she knows she won’t give Azaan to her but wants the best marriage gift from her. Shayra asks what’s the gift.