Bahu Begum 9th August 2019 Written Update:- Noor and Khalid to get married while Shayra stands worried

The episode starts with Surraiya shouting at Razia for asking for her son’s hand for Noor. She criticizes Noor being a servant daughter and denies giving nod for the relation. She also adds that it’s not the only reason for her denial. She reminisces Noor insulting Khalid when he proposed her for marriage. She says that she’ll not agree Noor be her bahu at any cost. Noor apologizes for her behavior but still stands firm in her decision of marrying Khalid. Khalid finally speaks up and says that he’ll marry only Noor and it’s his final decision. Razia intervenes and scolds Surraiya. She says that when both bride and groom accept this relation then she can’t do anything about it.

Razia announces Khalid and Noor marriage the next day while Khalid gets extreme happy. He hugs Noor and starts dancing while Shayra stands worried. Noor seems to have something running in her mind. Khalid sees Shayra angrily and reminisces her words during molestation time.

Shayra asks Noor the reason for her behavior. She asks how could she forgive him. Noor says that she’s not forgiving but just marrying him. She says that she’s not going to have a relation with him but only gonna marry him as it’s her mother’s wish to see her married. Shayra says that she’s doing wrong but Noor says that Khalid loves her madly and that’s enough for her to get married to him.

Khalid behaves psycho in front of the mirror trying various outfits. Shayra pushes him on the bed and slaps him for going against her decision. Khalid acts mad and says that he loves Noor and will get married to her. Surraiya gets furious and is about to slap him again but Khalid stops her and pushes her.

Azaan asks Noor if she really loves Khalid for which Noor says that at times love is not much important. Khalid says Surraiya that she has no idea about what and all he has done to come to this extent and he’ll kill anyone if they come in his way. Surraiya gets furious and tries strangling him but Asgar releases him from her hold.

Azaan tries explaining Noor to think again but Noor stands firm. Finally, Azaan gives up and agrees to Noor while Shayra stands tensed. Shayra decides to not let this marriage happen at any cost.
Surraiya expresses her hate for Noor to Asgar but Asgar asks her to think wisely. Asgar says to think the positive side but Surraiya denies accepting Noor at all cost.

Noor is doing her morning prayers while Shayra arrives there. Noor tries to leave but Shayra stops her. She scolds Noor for her behavior. Noor blames her back and asks her to give a wedding gift for her. Shayra asks what’s the gift but Noor leaves without answering leaving Shayra wondering.

Precap: Razia brings Noor down the stairs and makes her sit beside Khalid. Shayra thinks to not let this marriage happen at any cost. Shayra asks Azaan to marry Noor and give divorce for her.