Bahu Begum 9th January 2020 Written Update: Begum sahiba finds out about Noor’s Acting

The episode starts with azaan talking to begum sahiba. Begum tells him that she knows about everything. She tells him that when Noor told her about everything then only she got to know. She says that running from this problem is no solution. Azaan says that he couldn’t save everything but now since his mother is back with him, he will gain back everything. Rubina is hell scared about everything. She talks to Khalid. She says she couldn’t understand what to do. She tells him to find about does a person remember when something is done to her in unconscious conditions. She requests him to do something.

Khalid tells her that if this would’ve been about her only then he would’ve sent her to jail. But this is about their child. Rubina tells him that in all this tension she forgot about the child. Khalid tells him that he wouldn’t let anything happen to their child. Mashooqa enters the room and tells Khalid that Azaan has called him. Khalid leaves to meet Azaan. Rubina is scared that this meeting would be about her. Khalid asks Azaan about why he has called him. Azaan tells him that everything is fine and begum has asked about her. He also tells him that he is going to tell him something which might be a shock to him.

Azaan also has dilruba and Mashooqa with him. He tells that all thanks to the doctor that begum is better now and he says that all the men of the house, including Dilruba will offer shukran namaaz. Noor talks to her mother about begum getting better. She says that she is the happiest today. She says she hasn’t felt better even when begum used to feed her with her own hand. She says that begum hasn’t changed a bit even after five years. She says she still has the same attitude as she had give years ago. While she talks to her mother begum sahiba enters the room.

Noor acts and says what is she doing here. She tells her that even if she tries to do anything again and in between the question begum slapped her once again. She tells Noor why did she leave Azaan and his side for five years. Why did she leave the house for five years. She tells her that Azaan needed his best friend all this while and she wasnt here. She tells her that when Noor was small, she only taught her to act in the school play. When she could teach her acting then she can also make out when she is acting. She says that she knows that Noor is acting to be bad. She says that she knows Noor can be anything but never a bad person.

Noor felt happy that begum knows about her. Begum hugs her. She tells her that now that she is here she will make everything better. She asks Noor about the night five years ago. Noor explains that everyone thought of her as a murderer, and then begum says that she always believed Noor could not murder anyone. Noor further explains that adil had called her. She tells that Adil had kidnapped shayra and planted a chip in Azaan’s mouth. She told her everything that Aadil did. She told that all Shayra hugging Aadil, and leaving Azaan was all a plan of aadil. She also said that her running with a gun was also Aadil’s plan. Aadil had called her to go and meet him. When she reached, the room was dark and she had pointe her gun at Aadil while he had pointed it at Shayra. Then there was a gun shot.