Bahu Begum 9th October 2019 Written Update: Gazala the mastermind behind the evil plot

The episode starts with Gazala revealing herself to ge the mastermind behind Razia’s attack. She recalls last night events when she planned everything with the help of Aladdin using Dilruba. She recalls luring Razia outside and hitting her with the stick and locking the sandook. Someone from inside the sandook knocks it while Gazala scolds the person. Azaan comes with medicine for Gazala and she immediately hides the sandook. Azaan gives her the medicine and apologizes her on behalf of Noor and Shayra. Gazala asks him to let it go as they are kids. She enquires about Razia health abd asks him to convince Shayra. Azaan says that none can create misunderstanding between them. And leaves.

Gazala opens the sandook to find Aladdin tied up in it. She scolds him for not acting according to the plan. She warns him and let’s him go. Razia asks Shayra about Azaan who says that he went to give medicines for Daadi. She asks about last night incident and Razia asks her to not talk about it. Shayra also asks about her past differences with Gazala but Razia denies answering it too. Noor asks Razia to throw Gazala out as she has already created misunderstanding between Shayra and Azaan. Razia says that she ib elder in the house and will tolerate her till her focus is on her. She says that she won’t tolerate a second if she tries harming her children. Aladdin hears it and informs Gazala.

Azaan comes to Shayra and apologizes for hus behavior. He says that Daadi is the one who has sent him to apologize her. Razia hears it and gets shocked she wishes to protect her children from Daadi’s evil eye.
Surraiya asks Asgar if it’s him who is the reason for lar nights event. Asgar says that it’s not him but his mother and Gazala hears it. Surraiya gets happy and hugs her. She throws Surraiya on floor and acts in front of Azaan for everyone doubting. Azaan expresses his belief on her but Daadi wants to go to Sultanpur with Asgar and Surraiya
Azaan asks Daadi to change her decision. He says that in he wants everyone to stay together. He asks Razia of the same while Razia stands unanswered. Gazala says that her family will be complete only if certain people go out of it. She also says that they don’t have any idea about the upcoming storm in their life.

Surraiya expresses her happiness for her to stay in the place. Gazala taunts her for being of no use and Surraiya shuts. Gazala plans something. Gazala insults Surraiya while Surraiya fumes. She says that the matter is about separating the trio. She asks her to see what drama she’s going to create tonight.

Precap : Azaan asks permission from Razia for throwing party for Gazala. Razia says that Noor and Azaan divorce has not happened yet and if guests come then they will question of the same. Noor dresses up like Tawaif and Azaan scolds her. Daadi enjoys her suffering.