Bahu Begum:- Azaan agrees to marry Noor ?


Colors TV popular show Bahu Begam is all set for a major turning point in the plot. The leads of the show are gonna experience a major twist in their lives with the marriage of Azaan and Noor.

In the previous episodes, it’s seen that Azaan and Razia finally get to know of Noor’s true colors. They scold Shayra for blindly supporting Noor and gets angry on her. Shayra finally reveals to Azaan about Noor’s continuous suicide threats which forced her to take this decision.

Azaan gets shocked and expresses his hurt for her decision. They both have an emotional reunion post their fight and Azaan gets furious on Noor. In fury, Azaan takes Noor in the car and scares her to commit suicide with her. He reaches the edge of the cliff but to his utter shock, Shayra falls in front of their car. She gets thrown away from the cliff and both Azaan and Noor search for her. Razia gets worried and will send her men to search for them too.

Noor finally finds Shayra in an unconscious state but then because of her hatred for her starts leaving. She then gets reminded of her mother’s words and decides to help her. She calls Azaan and both take Shayra to the hospital.

In the upcoming episodes, it will be seen that Shayra asks Azaan to marry Noor as her last wish and then dies. Azaan gets shattered and says Noor that he’ll marry her but will always love only Shayra. Azaan now will hate Noor to the core while Noor firmly believes that Azaan will love her after marriage.

Will Noor’s belief turns true? Will Azaan ever accept her and forget Shayra? Is this end of Shayra’s character? All these will be revealed in the upcoming episodes.

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