Bahu Begum: Azaan and Razia loses their properties

The show Bahu begum is getting interesting episode by episode. Every new episode jaw dropping scenes are happening.

In the recent episodes we have seen, Everybody believed that shayra was behind every mishappening in the mahal. It got validated when shayra hit azaan with a vase, but it was not to hit him but only to save him from the bomb planted by aadil in his mouth. Later the police officer informs everyone that not shayra, but noor is behind everything, leading to a shock for everyone, even to noor.

The police officer also happens to be fake and planted by aadil. Begum sahiba signs her property and business papers thinking it is arrest warrant for noor. Noor goes to find aadil with a gun. She finds him standing in a hoodie, she points her gun at him. Surprisingly the person in the hoodie is not aadil, but shayra standing with her mouth tied.

A sound of shoot is heard thereafter. Also azaan is seen talking to the media and telling the family members that now nobody can save the mahal and business. The show is becoming edge of the seat thriller. So what will happen next? Will they really lose the mahal? Does noor shoots aadil? Will she be able to save shayra and prove herself innocent? Will the truth of aadil come out? Who is that lady coming out of the car? Will she be able to save the mahal?

For all the answers keep watching Bahu Begum