Bahu Begum: Azaan collects money, Begum slaps Noor

The show is getting interesting episode by episode and offering audiences with something new to watch in every episode. In the recent episode it was shown that Azaan asks for money from everyone and gets rejected by all.

Rubina then starts insulting him and tells him to stop daydreaming and go out and find work to gather money. She even tells his that it would be been Better if he had agreed with Noor. she tells him to first earn money and then talk to her.

Azaan decides to sell the paasa but later decides not to. He goes somewhere to gather the money. It is revealed that Rubina is the one who was tampering with begum’s medicines so that she couldn’t get better. Khalid finds this out by Rubina herself. She tells him that she has been doing this from the day she entered the mahal.

Khalid is shocked to hear this. He tells her that he will inform the police but stops when Rubina fakingly tells him that she is pregnant. Azaan receives 25000 from his friend babu and talks to him about the remaining 75000. Manager hears this and makes fun of Azaan and begum and his mother.

Azaan gets into a fight with him. He is thrown out of the club. In the precap for the next episode it is shown that Azaan gives 1 lakh to Noor. Noor asks for the remaining amount. Noor tries to blacken Azaan’s face and is slapped by Begum sahiba. How did Azaan collect the remaining amount?

How did begum wake up? Why did she slap her when she knew Noor’s intentions? To know all the answers keep watching bahu begum.