Bahu Begum: Azaan doubts Shayra for having an affair with Aadil

Colors TV show Bahu Begum is popular for its high voltage dramas and exciting twists and turns are set for another drama with Azaan doubting Shayra for having an affair with Aadil. As reported earlier Aadil will instill love feelings for Azaan in  Noor and will pretend to have an affair with Shayra sowing the seeds of doubt in Azaan and the servants. He creates misunderstanding between Azaan and Shayra making Azaan doubt on Shayra for the affair.

In the previous episodes, it’s seen that Aadil will create fake videos to prove that Shayra loves him to separate her from Azaan. Azaan who’s getting insecure day by day with the growing closeness of Aadil and Shayra will come closer to Noor. On the other hand, Noor’s new founded love feelings for Azaan will get her into the mess with Aadil playing dirty. Now it will be seen that Azaan beats Aadil for hugging Shayra and Shayra takes Aadil side. Azaan and Shayra will have a big showdown creating differences in their relationship.

In the upcoming episodes, it will be seen that Azaan starts to feel insecure and will get closer to Noor. Noor scolds Azaan for his rude behavior with Shayra suppressing her own love feelings for him. Later Azaan sees Shayra sneaking into Aadil’s room and finds them confessing their love for each other. He misunderstands Shayra for cheating him and having an affair with Aadil.

Will Shayra realize Aadil’s true face? Will Azaan ditch Shayra and marry Noor?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes

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