Bahu Begum:- Azaan insults Noor and stands by Shayra, Noor gets furious.

Colors TV popular show Bahu Begum is all set for another drama in the form of muh dikayi. It seems Noor doesn’t leave even a single chance to insult Shayra while Shayra only wishes for Noor’s happiness. As reported earlier Noor will create a scene in her muh dikayi by coming in black nightwear and also taunts Shayra with her night with Azaan. Now Shayra and Azaan will give it back to Noor and Noor gets furious.

In the previous episodes it’s seen that Noor will create a drama by coming in night wear in front of guests during her muh dikayi. Shayra will scold Noor for the same and warns her to behave properly.

Noor tries to make Shayra jealous by explaining about her night with Azaan. Shayra shows Noor a sleeping Azaan in the lawn who was spending the whole night there. She taunts her forger failed efforts and warns her to protect the family’s respect.

Azaan later romances with Shayra in front of Noor irking Noor. Noor forcefully kisses Azaan on his cheeks and leaves to get ready for her muh dikayi. Shayra asks Azaan to give a chance to Noor.

In the upcoming episodes, it will be seen that Surraiya taunting Shayra for her pending muh dikayi. Azaan hears it and comes to her rescue. He takes Shayra and makes her sit with Noor and first performs her muh dikayi first further infuriating Noor.

Will Noor stop stooping low day by day and accept her mistakes? Will Shayra ever realize the true face of Noor? Will Noor gets succeeded in separating Azaan and Shayra? All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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