Bahu Begum: Azaan is hell bent to throw out Noor

The Bahu Begum show is offering interesting sequences in every new episode which is filling the audiences with all kinds of emotions. Every character has something or the other to offer. No body is getting left behind.

In the recent episodes it was seen that Noor has taken over the mahal in her own way. She is setting up rules for everyone and is telling them to follow it as per her wish or else to leave the mahal as soon as possible.

Rubina is threatened the most by Noor’s arrival as she sees her as her competition in becoming the queen of the mahal. Rubina wants it at any cost and noor is not going to make that happen. Azaan here is hell bent in throwing her out of the mahal as he thinks that noor is here to make the situations worse.

Khalid and Rubina are still confused about her money and arrival. Mashooqa and ballah too are planning something or the other everyday to find out the truth. Noor has only told the truth to begum sahiba that she is the same noor and has not changed at all. She is here to make everything better and get the mahal all its respect and priviliges back. She deliberately is behaving in a harsh manner with the house mates.

Many twists and turns await for the audiences in the future. Will Azaan be able to throw out noor? Will he get to know the real Noor soon? How will Noor bring back everything on track? To know all the answers keep watching Bahu Begum