Bahu Begum: Azaan to perform in a Bar

The show is getting interesting episode by episode. The audience has a lot to watch in every episode and in every coming episodes too. To everyone’s surprise Noor bids the maximum for the Begum mahal and buys it.

Nobody was expecting at all that Noor will ever be back. Rubina is also planning to become the begum of the mahal and looks like Noor is going to be a hindrance in her way. Noor also tells them that since she bought the mahal, she is going to be the begum of the mahal. Rubina looks at the jewellery of the begum in Begum Sahiba’s room. She has no feelings whatsoever ever for the family or their conditions.

Noor also behaves arrogantly with everyone. She makes fun of all the housemates. Azaan gets angry with Noor on her return. Noor handles him too in her own way. Azaan looks for any work to earn money, he finally gets a job to play in a club at night. Khalid does not like this.

Noor goes to meet the Begum Sahiba, contrary to the expectations she has not changed even a single bit. She is still the same as she was 5 years ago. She tells all this to Begum Sahiba in her unconsciousness. She tells her that she has come to make everything better. She will win everything back, all the respect and the conditions of the mahal as it was before.

In the meanwhile Azaan also plans to throw out Noor from the mahal. Let’s see what happens in the coming episodes. Will Rubina get to become the begum of the mahal?

How will Noor handle Rubina in the future? Will azaan succeed in throwing out Noor?

Will Noor succeed in her purpose of return? To know all the answers, keep watching bahu begum.