Bahu Begum:- Azaan turns detective while Noor gets evil day by day


Colors TV popular show Bahu Begum is all set for the wedding of evil Noor with Azaan. But it seems Azaan is also not ready to go down without a fight. While Noor’s determined to get Azaan by hook or crook Azaan too is determined to save his love life with Shayra from evil Noor. As reported earlier Noor turned completely evil and troubles each and every one of the houses including Azaan and Razia but Shayra also proved that she’s not any doormat.

In the previous episodes, it’s seen that Noor will dress up as Bahu Begam and will announce her wedding with Azaan in the party. She gets extreme happiness in hurting Shayra again and again. Azaan having had enough of Noor’s pagalpan decides to fight for his love. He shows Noor her right place by snatching the maang tikka from her that belongs to only Bahu Begam. He also keeps a condition for signing the divorce papers only when Shayra performs all the marriage rituals of Azaan and Noor.

Noor behaves with attitude with everyone including Razia. She tries to put down Shayra yet again by pointing on her character but Shayra puts her in her place infuriating her more. She determines to throw Shayra out of the mansion as well as Azaan’s life.

In the upcoming episodes, it will be seen that Noor releases Khalid from jail thus showing her true colors in front of the family. Khalid has his own reason for revenge against Azaan, Shayra, and Razia. With more evil added, Azaan will keep Noor busy with Shayra by making her jealous. He openly romances with her during Haldi irking Noor. In the meantime, he’ll check CCTV footages to prove Shayra’s innocence.

Will Azaan succeed in proving Shayra’s innocence and save his love from Noor is yet to be seen.

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