Bahu Begum: Bahu Begum returns to the scene

The show got even more interesting in the recent episode and is offering audiences with a lot more things to enjoy. The recent episode showed that Azaan is thrown out of the club and he sits outside to collect money by singing. Some hiding person gives him one lakh rupees who later comes out to be Noor.

Azaan throws the money at Noor’s face. She asks for her remaining nine lakhs and says that if not given she will throw him out of the house. She gives him conditions to agree to and the final condition being that she will apply a black paint on his face.

While trying to do that hesitantly she is stopped by Begum sahiba who even slaps her. Noor and everyone is happy to see her. Begum talks harshly with her about how dare she did such a thing to her son. Azaan hugs begum sahiba. Azaan tells her ahe qa the only reason that kept him alive for the past five years and the same was repeated by the begum sahiba for him.

Rubina gets all scared seeing begum sahiba back on her feet. Azaan tries to tell her that all the furnitures have gone for cleaning. She tells him that she knows about everything.
The episode became even more interesting after begum’s return.

Does she really know about Rubina? Will she reveal everything to the family?

Will khalid tell everything? Will begum realise that Noor is actually on her side? To find all the answers keep watching Bahu Begum.