Bahu Begum: Noor accuses Azaan of insults and abuse and Shayra turns lawyer for Azaan and Razia.

Colors TV show Bahu Begum never failed to surprise audience with its exciting twists and turns. As reported earlier Noor accuses her in laws for abuses and insults. Now Shayra will turn lawyer for Azaan and Razia against Noor.

In the previous episodes, it’s seen that Azaan gets upset seeing Noor bringing food for him and refuses to meet her. Noor gets angry and files a case against Razia in the woman organization. Razia gets the notice and comes there with Azaan and Shayra and asks about the person who has filed a case against her. Noor lifts her burqa veil and says that she has filed the case. Razia, Azaan, and Shayra are shocked to see her bad side once again. Noor accuses Razia with fake charges to blackmail Azaan. Noor says that Azaan failed to give her the proper recognition as his wife and kept insulting her. She also fakes accuses him of physical abuse shocking Azaan, Razia and Shayra

In the upcoming episodes, it will be seen that Surraiya insults Razia for being a blind spectator of her son’s deeds and badmouths her. Shayra stops her from insulting Razia further. Shayra mocks Surraiya and says that Noor’s point of view is over and it’s their turn. She says about Noor coming in a nightgown for her muh dikayi which is a disrespectful thing to do in a muh dikayi. She says that one should close their face to do the ritual which Noor clearly didn’t. Noor gets angry. Shayra asks Noor about the circumstances in which they got married and Noor gets furious and tries dodging it. The association is about to announce the final verdict after hearing from both sides.

Will Azaan gets cleared of his accusations will be revealed in the upcoming episodes.