Bahu Begum :- Noor announces her wedding with Azaan

Colors TV popular show Bahu Begam is all set for another wedding drama of Azaan and Noor. The wedding will change the lives of the lead couple Azaan and Shayra forever. As reported earlier Noor has turned completely evil and is hell-bent on separating the lead couple and will succeed in it too.

In the previous episodes it’s seen that Azaan promises a sinking Shayra that he’ll marry Noor and Shayra gets stable. Azaan feels betrayed by Noor and starts hating her. Including Azaan, Razia and his sister Saba too hates Noor much to the fury of Noor.

Azaan says Noor that he’ll marry her for the promise and will continue loving Shayra even after their marriage turning her into completely evil. Noor behaves psycho and keeps claiming that Azaan belongs to her and will decide to go to any length to get his love. She firmly believes Azaan is hers to claim when he’s madly in love with Shayra.

Shayra gets discharged from hospital and Azaan showers her with love, making her more guilty. Azaan doesn’t let Shayra to even walk and lifts her up and reaches the mansion only to get shocked seeing a party organized by Noor.

In the upcoming episodes Noor will announce her elan e Nikkah in the party and asks Shayra to read the elan e Nikkah form infuriating everyone. Noor tortures Shayra to the core while all stands were helpless. Azaan keeps a condition to Noor that he’ll divorce Shayra only when she agrees to participate in all his wedding rituals shocking Noor and Shayra.
Will Azaan and Noor marriage take place and what will be the fate of Shayra after their marriage is yet to be revealed.

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