September 20, 2019
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Bahu Begum: Noor attempts Suicide again?

Colors TV’s newly launched show Bahu Begum which grabbed eyeballs with its exciting promo itself is witnessing high dramas starting from the first episode. It showcases the lives of Azaan, Shayra, and Noor who are caught in the Web of love and friendship.

Earlier its seen that Noor sacrifices her love for Azaan who has a girlfriend named Shayra. After lots of commotions, they finally manage to tie the knot. Meanwhile, the bonding of Azaan, Shayra, and Noor is shown which only grows strong day by day. But the twist in the tale comes when Noor loses her mother and her fiancee in a fire accident on the day of her marriage and the blame goes on Shayra.

It is believed that it’s Shayra’s carelessness that resulted in the fire breakout. The sweet and innocent Noor turns grey and is now on a spree to destroy Shayra for killing her mother and her fiancee. Noor hates Shayra now and she can’t even bear the sight of her. She even tries suicide as she feels that there’s no one who really cares for her while on the other hand Shayra is very guilty and puts Noor’s happiness over hers. Shayra really loves and cares for Noor but Noor who’s brainwashed by evil Surraiya fails to believe Shayra.

In the upcoming episodes, it will be seen that Noor demands Azaan back from Shayra. Shayra gets shocked and will deny doing so as Azaan only loves her and not Noor. But Noor stays adamant and decides to get Azaan back at any cost believing that love can happen even after marriage. When Shayra stays firm Noor once again gets into suicide drama and jumps from the window.

Is this the end of Noor or rise of a complicated relationship between Shayra, Azaan, and Noor? Is Shayra the real reason for the fire accident? Will Shayra give in to Noor’s demand? All these answers are yet to be revealed.

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