Bahu Begum: Noor claims Begum Mahal

The show is getting interesting episode by episode. It is bringing a lot of thrill for the audience. The recent episode showed that after the two gunshots heard from the room where Noor, Shayra and Aadil were present, everything blacks out, and the show takes a five years leap. It started with showing Begum Sahiba in her bed, without her conscience. She is not able to talk to anyone. Its was her birthday when the show took a leap. Azaan is besides her, khalid and his wife Rubina are also present there.

They celebrate her birthday. Rubina gets fedup of the all the time mourning of the people. She is unaffected by anything and is living her life on her own terms. She even buys new clothes by selling a very dear painting of Begum Sahiba. She even slaps khalid for intervening in her matter. Dilruba and mashooqa discuss what had happened five years ago and how nobody knows about the whereabouts of Noor, Shayra, and Aadil.

Everyone still believes that it was Noor’s plan for everything. All the things of the Mahal are going for auction, even the Mahal. Azaan says nothing can save the Mahal from getting sold. He goes out with his lawyer for the auction. It is going to be worthwhile to see the upcoming episodes. Will the Mahal actually get sold? If yes, who will buy it.? The lady coming out of the car was Noor, will she buy the Mahal , and if yes, what is her purpose behind it.?

Will the Mahal get saved? Keep watching the show Bahu Begum to know answers to all these interesting questions.