Bahu Begum: Noor gets stuck in the burning house!

Colors TV Bahu Begum will witness high voltage drama with the fire breakdown at Azaan’s house.

So far in the episodes it is seen designer prints Azaan’s name on Noor’s hand too. Azaan and Faiz caught by Razia. Azaan says he came to meet Shayra.

Later, Azaan insists Noor to show her Mehendi. Noor says she will show only to her would be husband. Otherside, Shayra and Azaan sit for the wedding. Qazi does the ritual. He asks Shayra to tell Rakham-e meher. Shyara says she don’t want anything. Azaan says he don’t keep anyone’s favor and says whenever Shayra wants can ask for it.

Azaan and Shayra agress for the wedding and at the same time Faiz call Noor and ask her to give him the promise. Shayra says Qubool hai and at the same time Noor too says Qubool hai to Faiz.

Now in the upcoming episode will see fire will breakdown at Azaan’s house and Noor will ask help from Azaan.

Azaan will help Noor to get ready for marriage. Fire broke out in the house. Faiz and Noor get stuck in the burning house, as everyone else escapes. Yasmin tries to go back inside in order to save the dupatta she was making for Noor. Noor will call out for Azaan for the help.

What next happens in Bahu Begum will be interesting to watch. As per the new promo Yasmin and Faiz will stuck in the fire. Here, Noor will blame Shayra for the mishap and thus the story will take a new turn.

To know more, keep watching Bahu Begum, mon-fri 9:30 PM at Colors TV.

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