Bahu Begum| Noor spends quality time with Azaan and ignores Shayra

Colors TV newly launched show Bahu Begum is a twisted story with a lavish setup.

The show is based on Muslim backdrop and the story so far is revolving around Azaan and his marriage dilemma.

Azaan loves Shayra but when he came back home is gets to know that his mother has given words to Noor’s mother for doing his and Noor marriage. Azaan tells her mother about Shayra and tries to convince her about his marriage with her.

Noor asked Razia to fix Azaan and Shayra’s marriage. Shayra and Azaan get happy and praise Noor for her kind gesture. Razia accepts their marriage and says Shayra will be her Bahu Begum. Later, Noor gets upset and feels ignored by the family after everyone pours their love to Shayra.

Yasmin says to Noor that she has a big heart. She asks Noor if she loves Azaan. Noor says she wants to marry Azaan only for money. Yasmin takes it in a joke. Later, Asgar words hurted Razia and Azaan. After knowing about Shayra Asgar taunts Azaan and asks him to marry Noor too like his father did. Some priest predicts and says years ago Bhopal got burnt with two marriages and now history will repeat the same incident.

Further, in the upcoming sequence will see Noor will spend time with Azaan.

Yasmin is worried about Noor and shares his concerns with Razia begum. Later, Noor spends some time with Azaan and refuses Shayra’s offer to be her friend. Here, Razia will tell Azaan about marriage announcement Qazi will ask if Azaan is ready to sign on the marriage paper. Noor will interrupt him.

Do Noor’s changing behavior will create havoc in Azaan and Shayra’s life? Well, time will only tell. To know more keep watching Bahu Begum.

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