Bahu Begum: Noor tells begum about five years back

The show got even more interesting in the recent episodes with Begum sahiba back on her feet and the changing environment of the mahal. Audience has something new to enjoy in every episode.

In the recent episode it was shown that begum is back on her feet, leading to a happy surprise to everyone and a scare for Rubina. Azaan tells her that the furnitures had gone for cleaning and begum replies she knows everything. Rubina asks khalid to save her from going jail by faking her pregnancy. Khalid again falls in her trap and tells her that he will save her. Azaan asks all the men to offer shukran namaz.

Noor gets really happy seeing begum sahiba back. She talks to her mother’s picture about the same. She tells that she hasn’t felt much better before. Begum comes to her room and slaps her again. She asks her why wasn’t she in the mahal in the past five years. She also said that she knows Noor is acting and only faking to be bad. Noor hugs her.

Begum asks her about what had happened five years back. She starts telling her everything. She tells her about Aadil’s plans. She tells her that Shayra was innocent and so was she.

What will Noor say about the final happening to shayra? How will Azaan react after he heard this from Noor? What will be Rubina’s next plan? What will begum do next? Will Azaan realise everything about Noor’s behaviour? To know all the answers, keep watching bahu begum