Bahu Begum:- Noor to be exposed in front of Azaan and Razia

Colors TV show Bahu Begam is all set to witness a high voltage drama regarding divorce and marriage. Its time for some major revelations and decisions. Yes, you heard it right. Finally, Noor’s evil drama will be exposed in front of the whole family.

In the previous episodes, it’s seen that Noor asks Razia to perform her marriage with Khalid just to push Shayra to trauma. At last Noor gets succeeded in her drama too. Shayra on the advice of priest decides to sacrifice her love for Noor and informs Noor of the same.

Noor gets happy and asks Shayra to stop the marriage with Khalid somehow. Shayra informs Azaan about Khalid’s molestation on Noor and Azaan beats him black and blue. Razia on knowing the truth slaps him and hands him over to police much to the shock of Asgar and Surraiya. Surraiya curses Razia for Azaan’s happiness to be snatched forever from him just like her son’s.

In the upcoming episodes, it will be seen that Azaan will get all romantic with Shayra after settling all the dramas of Noor’s marriage. Shayra who’s skeptical about her promise for Noor confesses her decision to Azaan but Azaan laughs it off thinking it to be a joke.

Later he gets ready to move on in his life with Shayra and decorates his room for suhagraat. Shayra comes and gets shocked seeing the romantic setup and tries explaining Azaan but in vain.

Later Noor also sees Azaan romancing Shayra and gets pained. Noor asks Shayra to react faster before it goes out of hands. Later Shayra confesses Azaan of her decision while Azaan once again thinks it to be a joke. Razia says that it’s not a joke and hands him signed divorce papers of Shayra.

Azaan gets shocked to the core and asks the reason for her decision while Shayra reveals about Noor’s condition. Both Azaan and Razia get shocked by the evil side of Noor.

Will Azaan agree to marry Noor divorcing Shayra will be revealed in the upcoming episodes. To know more about the upcoming twists and turns of the show stay tuned to this page.