Bahu Begum: Noor to stab Shayra!

In the upcoming episode of Bahu Begum will see Suraya provokes Noor to kill Shayra.

Colors TV Bahu Begum is witnessing high voltage drama after Yasmin and Faiz’s death.

Noor overhears Shayra when she was emotionally blaming herself for Yasmin and Faiz’s death. Noor in a state of shock accuses Shayra for snatching her world from her.  Suraya fills Noor and Noor decides to avenge Shayra.

Later, Suraya taunts Azaan too for not supporting Noor.

Now in the upcoming episode will see Noor will decide to kill Shayra.

Various media outlets will enter the house and will demand information on whether Shayra tried to kill Noor. Noor will support Shayra in front of them but later will blackmail her. Further Suraya will provoke Noor to kill Shayra. Shayra will go to Dargah and Noor too will reach there to kill her.

Do Noor will get successful in her plan or she will trap Shayra?

Well, time will only tell. The makers of the show have released a new promo and with promo it seems that Bahu Begum is heading towards its core concept.

In the promo it is seen Noor makes grave for herself. Shayra comes running towards her and ask her to stop the non-sense. Noor gives her two days’ time and ask her to give her Azaan if she really cares for her.

check out the promo below!

What Shayra will do next will be interesting to watch. What will be Azaan’s reaction and what next will happen in the show, for all the answers keep watching Bahu Begum, mon-fri on Colors TV.

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