November 22, 2019
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Bahu Begum:- Noor’s masterstroke work in favour of her

Colors TV show Bahu Begam is very much famous for its twists and turns. But the upcoming episodes will not only have twists but also an emotional high voltage drama.

In the previous episodes, it’s seen that Noor was continuously blackmailing Shayra to give Azaan to her. Though Shayra is guilty of what happened with Noor she refuses to give Azaan to Noor as Azaan doesn’t love her. Noor tries to threatening Shayra with suicide from time to time. Later shayra gets a dream of Yasmeen warning her about Noor and rushes to rescue Noor. She finds Noor lying on her mother’s grave and scolds her for trying to manipulate her. Later Noor says Razia that she wants to marry Khalid. Both Khalid and Razia are happy with Noor’s decision and immediately agrees but Surraiya denies accepting Noor as her bahu.

In the upcoming episodes, it will be seen that Surraiya blames Noor for always insulting and rejecting Khalid proposal and don’t want her marriage to happen with Khalid. But Khalid who’s mad for Noor will go against Surraiya and agrees to marry Noor. Razia announces Noor and Khalid marriage the next day much to the shock of Shayra. Shayra reminisces Khalid trying to molest Noor and gets worried for Noor future. Azaan also tries to explain Noor to not take any decision in a hurry but Noor remains adamant. Khalid acts mad when Surraiya slaps him for going against her decision.

Later Noor asks a gift from Shayra for her marriage and leaves without revealing what it is. Razia brings Noor to the Hall for performing her marriage with Khalid. In the meantime, Azaan gets romantic with Shayra near the swimming pool while Shayra demands a divorce from him and asks him to marry Noor.

Is this the reason why Noor wanted to marry Khalid and will Azaan agree to Shayra’s demands? All these questions will be answered in upcoming episodes.

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