Bahu Begum: Razia and Shayra furious on Noor due to Gazala’s plot

Colors TV show Bahu Begum is popular for its high voltage dramas and exciting twists and turns is set for another drama with Razia upset over Shayra and Noor for breaking the ancestral Paasha and insulting her in front of the foreign delegates. As reported earlier Gazala will break the Paasha for separating Noor, Shayra and Razia and insult them and Shayra takes the blame on her for Noor. Now it will be seen that Razia will get extremely angry at Shayra for her carelessness when Gazala says that it’s not broken by Shayra but Noor.

In the previous episodes it’s seen that Razia asks Shayra to keep the precious heirloom in a box as foreign delicates are coming for a tour. Later Noor comes there, picks it up from the box,  tries on herself in front of the Mirror. She immediately gets hit by a stone on her head and the heirloom shatters into pieces, while Noor panics.

In the upcoming episode it will be seen that Shayra will come there to witness Noor injured and the heirloom broken into pieces and gets shocked. Noor will apologize Shayra but Shayra will be extremely pissed off at the moment. She leaves to get it repaired and Gazala enjoy her victory. She creates a drama letting Razia know about the broken heirloom and Razia gets furious at Shayra. She apologizes the foreign delegates who came to exhibit the ancestral jewels. Shayra takes the blame for Noor on her to protect her. Later Razia scolds Shayra for not being fit to be a bahu begam when Gazala reveals that its Noor who has broken the heirloom.

Will Shayra and Razia forgive Noor for her mistake? Will Gazala gets succeed in separating Shayra, Azaan, Noor and Razia?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes

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