Bahu Begum: Razia throws Gazala out of the house and Gazala swears to avenge

Colors TV show Bahu Begum is popular for its high voltage dramas and exciting twists and turns are set for another drama with Razia throwing Gazala out of the house. As reported earlier Razia agrees to give Paasha and Bahu begum title to Shayra and Gazala reveals her true colors and throws Razia and Shayra out of the house. However, it will be revealed that its a plan Razia, Shayra and Noor to bring out the true colors of Gazala in front of Azaan.

In the previous episodes, it’s seen that Surraiya covers Aladdin before Noor could see him and its revealed to be a combined plan of Gazala and Surraiya for Paasha. Shayra, after blackmailed by Surraiya, asks for Bahu Begum Paasha to Razia. Everyone gets surprised by her demand while Azaan scolds her for asking Paasha. Later Razia agrees to give the Paasha and Surraiya reveal their plan of fake murder pictures. Gazala becomes the new Bahu Begam of Bhopal and throws Shayra and Razia out shocking Azaan.

In the upcoming episodes it will be seen that Shayra, Razia and Noor are already aware of Gazala’s plan and actually played along to bring out her true colors in front of Azaan who blindly believes his Daadi. Noor burns the papers and Khalid brings Aladdin to them shocking everyone. Later Razia throws Gazala out of the house and Gazala swears to not let them live in peace until she’s alive.

Will Gazala come back in their lives? What will be Surraiya’s punishment for her planning with Gazala?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes

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