Bahu Begum:- Razia to accept Noor’s condition for marriage ?

Colors tv newly launched show Bahu Begam leaves no stone unturned to make the audience’s hooked to the plot. With Shayra and Noor having an emotional turmoil between them, Razia added a new twist on the already complicated relationship.

In previous episodes, it’s seen that Noor blackmails Shayra to give Azaan to her. She blindly believes Azaan to be her destined lover and forces Shayra to leave Azaan. While Shayra is already broken with the turn of events, Noor just added to her suffering with her suicide drama. She’s worried for Noor’s life and at the same time is not ready to sacrifice Azaan who loves her. She decides to inform Razia and Azaan about Noor’s cruel condition but Noor once again blackmails her with suicide. With all paths closed, Shayra asks Noor to give her some time to make a decision and Noor gives her two days time.

In the upcoming episodes, it will be seen that Shayra who’s unable to tolerate the manipulation of Noor will decide to reveal everything to Razia but instead reveals it to Noor herself infuriating her more. Shayra is consoled by Azaan who finds her all worried. He puts her to sleep by singing lohri for her but Yasmeen arrives in her dreams asking her to save Noor. Shayra rushes out and searches for Noor but Noor is nowhere seen and everyone gets worried.

Finally, they spot her lying on her mother’s grave and Shayra scolds her for her manipulation. She outright denies to let go of Azaan and Noor comes up with another twist. Noor asks Razia to perform her marriage with Khalid and both Khalid and Razia agree to it. Even after all this, Noor still wants something from Shayra as her marriage gift.

What gift will Noor ask from Shayra? Is it related to Azaan? Will Noor and Khalid gets married or is it just her another plan of Noor to get Azaan? All these answers will be revealed in upcoming episodes