Bahu Begum:- Shayra meets with an accident and Azaan agrees to marry Noor

Colors TV popular show Bahu Begam is gonna witness the turning point of the show. As reported earlier Noor’s true face will be exposed in front of Azaan and Razia but the real turning point arrives when Shayra meets with an accident and will get critical. She gets Azaan to promise her to marry Noor as her last wish.

In the previous episodes, it’s seen that Noor finally manages to convince Shayra with her suicide and marriage drama. Shayra after a lot of inner turmoil decides to sacrifice Azaan for Noor. She also stops Noor’s marriage with Khalid by revealing about his molestation to Azaan.

The police arrest Khalid on Razia’s complaint and Surraiya’s hatred for Razia grows more and more. Meanwhile, Shayra asks Azaan to divorce her and marry Noor but Azaan laughs it off taking it as a joke.

Later Surraiya sends Azaan and Shayra’s divorce papers to Razia and both Razia and Azaan get shocked to the core. Azaan asks Shayra the reason for her decision and Shayra reveals that it’s Noor. She says that Noor lost everything because of her and for return, she asked him from her.

Azaan gets furious at Shayra for agreeing to Noor’s demand and Razia tears off the divorce papers. Azaan gets mad at Shayra and breaks down while Shayra watches him in pain.

In the upcoming episodes, Azaan decides to scare Noor and takes her in the car to the cliff. But to their utmost shock Shayra falls in front of their car and gets hit. She gets thrown away from the cliff. Both Noor and Azaan admits her in hospital and Shayra takes a promise from Azaan to marry Noor.

Is this the end of Shayra? Will Azaan ever be able to fall in love with Noor after their marriage? All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.