Bahu Begum:- Shayra to sacrifice Azaan to Noor

Colors TV newly launched show Bahu Begam is all set for an emotional ride between the leads. The upcoming twist is gonna bring a big blow in the lives of Azaan, Shayra, and Noor.

In the previous episodes, it’s seen that Noor keeps blackmailing Shayra with suicide. She demands Azaan from her at all cost as she believes that they are destined together. Noor with a sudden turn of events will ask Razia to get her married to Azaan’s cousin Khalid.

Shayra gets shocked with this as Khalid is not a right guy and tried molesting Noor in the past. In addition to her misery, Noor demands a gift for her marriage from Shayra.

In the upcoming episodes, it will be seen that Noor asks Shayra to gift her with either death or Azaan. She reveals her plan of marrying Khalid only for her mother’s wish and then will decide to commit suicide

. Shayra gets shocked by her evil demand and leaves the place but Surraiya hears their conversations. But unfortunately, Surraiya gets locked in the cupboard by mistake and fails to inform others of Noor’s plan.

Shayra goes to dargah and asks Allah to show her the right path as she’s confused. The priest advises her to choose duty instead of love and Shayra decides to sacrifice her love for Noor. She reaches the wedding hall just before Noor’s marriage with Khalid and reveals her decision to her. Later ungrateful Noor asks Shayra to stop the wedding as well as she doesn’t fall in front of Azaan and Razia eyes.

Shayra messages Azaan about Khalid’s molestation and Azaan beats him black and blue. He informs everyone of the same and Razia slaps Khalid and cancels the wedding. Surraiya gets angry with this and curses Razia that Azaan will have the same fate as her son. She says that he’ll not get his love forever just like Khalid.

Will Surraiya’s curse turns real and will Azaan agree for marrying Noor will be revealed in the upcoming episodes