Bahu Begum :- Suraiya plots against Azaan and Shayra

Colors latest offering “Bahu Begam” is already hitting the right chords to make the audience glued to their seats with their interesting story and unique plots. Set against a Muslim backdrop, the show is focusing on the polygamy system in Isalm and it’s brief. The central characters of the show, Shayra, Noor and Azaan are the one who will be caught in the ritual of marriage altogether. Currently, the storyline is showcasing the marriage preparations of Azaan and Shayra.

Meanwhile, Khalid is dreaming to have Noor as his for life. We have seen already that Razia made it loud and clear in front of all that she got no issues with Azaan and Shayra relationship and will accept her happily in her family. All that matters to her is the happiness of her son and for him, she can do anything. Elsewhere, Suraiya is restless to think Azaan and Shayra are going to get married, she wants to destroy the happiness of Razia and her family.

In tonight’s episode of the show, Azaan and Shayra who are happy with their Elan E Nikah are done so they decided to spend some moments together. Meanwhile, they got to know Noor engagement is fixed from her family. He and Shayra both decide to have a word with Noor’s fiance Faiz over a video call.

However, Suraiya catches them going together and decides to present this information to Razia with a twist. She comes to Razia and says, she witness Shayra entering Azaan room all alone. This is not something we will tolerate this family.

Razia gets shocked and curious to hear this and she goes to check on them to find out about them to coming out of Azaan room together. She gets shocked and annoyed. For more such updates keep reading this space.