Bahu Begum Written Update 12th November 2019: Aadil reveals his motive of visiting the house is Noor.

The episode starts with Noor taking Aadil to washroom. Noor says that she knows why he’s here. Razia scolds Azaan for his rude behavior. Noor says that she’s sure he is here for some work. Razia says Azaan is jealous of him as he’s getting close to Noor. Azaan says that nothing like that. He says that they are trusting him way too much which he didn’t like. Noor says Aadil that he can’t win her heart judy by saving Badi maa. She speaks to him with attitude and is about to move but her dress gets stuck in nail and tears. She gets embarrassed and ashamed while Aadil covers her with his coat and leaves.

Noor comes to Azaan and he says that the divorce is finalized. Noor gets happy and Azaan hugs her. Everyone congratulates him for the same. They gets happy. Aadil is smiling seeing a photo when Shayra comes there. He tries hiding it but he breaks down. He apologizes her and says that he was just seeing it. He sees Yasmeen’s picture and asks about her. Shayra says that she’s Noor’s mom but is no more. Aadil says that does that mean Noor is also alone like him. Shayra says that Noor is not alone as we are all with her. He asks about Azaan’s father but she just dodges the question.

Noor is talking about her divorce when Aadil comes there. He hears about Noor’s divorce and immediately leaves. Noor follows him to car and returns his jacket. She asks what happened and why’s he leaving immediately after hearing about her divorce. She asks if he still wants her alliance. Aadil gives her balloons saying that he has got it for her as it’s so enjoyable and lively just like her. He agrees that he has come here with the motive of winning her heart leaving a stunned Noor. Shayra sees them and smiles.

Shayra informs Razia about Aadil and Azaan gets irked once again hearing his name. Noor comes there and they ask her opinion about Aadil but Noor says that she doesn’t like him and leaves.

Azaan finds Noor sleeping shouts wakes her up. He throws water on her face. Noor too throws water on him. Shayra comes with milk and they both fight to give the glass to her. Shayra asks if he doesn’t let her go then how will she move on with another guy. He urges them to get ready and is about to leave when Azaan holds her hand.

Azaan romances with Shayra when Dilruba calls her and she leaves. Mashuka finds Aadil wallet and finds something in it and gets shocked.

Precap : Noor gets an alliance and they insult her. Aadil stands up for Noor and asks them to leave.