Bahu Begum Written Update 14th November 2019: Blast happens in Aadil’s residence and Aadil gets caught in fire

The episode starts with Noor waking up from her sleep and Shayra gets a gift for her. She says that it’s from Aadil. Noor returns it back. Shayra forces her to open it. Noor opens it only to get pranked by a joker doll.Noor gets irked. Shayra asks Noor to thank Aadil. She says that Aadil likes her and asks her to give him a chance. Noor says that people call her as a divorcee and she doesn’t want to ve called someone’s wife. She says she wants to do something in her life. Shayra understands her and says that she’ll stand by her side. She also says that she’ll make Badi Ammi understand. She asks her to make an identity and prove herself to the world.

Azaan says right. He asks to not consider that Aadil at any cost. He calls her for shopping but Noor denies. Noor gets Aadil call and Azaan cuts it. Both Noor and Azaan dislikes Aadil and Shayra leaves irked.

Shayra gets Aadil’s call who asks to meet her to discuss about Noor. He asks her to come to his place as can’t discuss freely there. Shayra agrees and Aadil says that he’ll text her the address. Dilruba and Mashuka discuss about Aadil and Noor and their love life. They discuss about love bet on Aadil and Noor.

Shayra comes to Aadil House and he welcomes her in. Shayra says that Noor has already suffered a lot and she’s really upset. Aadil says that he was alone all this time and found a companion in Noor. He says that till now he didn’t understand the reason for Noor rejection. But now he understood that she needs time and he will definitely wait for her. Shayra says that she’s happy for Noor that he understands her and promises to help him. Aadil gets happy and hugs her but apologizes. Shayra senses Lpg leakage smell and warns Aadil. Aadil sends her out immediately and Shayra runs out. Blast happens and Aadil comes out burning. Shayra covers him with her shawl and Aadil looks emotionally at her

Noor and Azaan keeps calling Shayra and Shayra comes in. They gets shocked seeing her condition and asks what Aadil is doing with her. Shayra says that she went to his home and Azaan gets upset. Shayra says that gas leaked and blast happened shocking Azaan and Noor. Aadil both hands are burnt.

Azaan panics and asks her to come to hospital. Shayra says that Aadil sent her outside before the blast but he got hurt in the process. She says that his whole house is blasted and she has got him here to stay for few days. Azaan is really upset about it but Shayra pleads. He wonders why he always find a way to reach his family.

Precap : Aadil says that he’ll remove both Noor and Shayra from Azaan’s life just like he stole everything from him.