Bahu Begum Written Update 15th November 2019: Aadil’s undying thirst for revenge to ruin Azaan

The episode starts with Aadil entering the room recalling all the happenings. He removes his fake bandage. It’s actually Aadil’s plan to hire the groom’s family insulting Noor. He recalls having a recorder in his gift and hearing all their conversation. He remembers seeing Azaan saying that Shayra and Noor are his lifelines. He actually faked his blast to get in the house using Shayra’s innocence. He says that he will not let Noor and Shayra ve in Azaan’s life. He takes Azaan, Shayra and Noor picture and says that he stole everything from now it’s his turn. He tears all their pictures separately.

Azaan scolds Shayra for bringing Aadil in the house despite his dislike for him. Azaan says that She can’t force Noor into marriage. He says that he’s in the house to influence and manipulate Noor for marrying her. Aadil is building a card tower and Azaan comes there. He says that he’s the villain of their story. Azaan comes there and the cards tower collapses. He says that if he wants to stay in the house then he needs to follow certain rules. Noor comes there and asks him to say the rules. Azaan says that he should be home before late at night. The room’s lights should be switched off before 10 and the last important rule is to stay away from Noor. Aadil asks if it’s the same for Shayra. Azaan gets furious and leaves warning him.

Noor shows Shayra about applying for a marketing institution. Azaan sends a romantic message to Shayra. Shayra asks about the idea of love for Noor. Aadil is watching it with his recorder in the gift. Noor says that her love is like a storm. Shayra says love is the most peaceful feeling of life. She says that if we love someone then we can do anything for their happiness. She says that we will even give our lives for them. Noor makes fun saying that she means to say that love will ruin one’s life. Aadil hears it and laughs. He says that she’s right and this love is going to ruin her completely. She’s stuck between revenge and family. He sees Dilruba and calls him for a job

Dilruba and Mashuka discuss Noor and Aadil. Noor comes to him and asks for did he call him. Aadil says Noor that she loves him so much and she herself isn’t aware of it. Noor looks confused at him. She asks about who he’s talking. He asks her to open the picture and Noor gets shocked seeing Azaan’s picture.

Noor slaps Aadil. Noor says that the slap is not for him but for his bad thoughts.

Precap. Electricity passes through water. Azaan finds his phone near water and is about to take it but falls down and gets electrocuted