Bahu Begum Written Update 18th November 2019: Azaan gets electrocuted

The episode starts with Noor walking away angrily. Shayra comes to Aadil and asks what happened. Dilruba and Mashuka quarrel once again and Dilruba leaves to give Aadil’s stuff he asked for. Aadil says I love you to Noor but Shayra shuts his mouth and says that Azaan and Noor may hear. Dilruba and Mashuka hear it and misunderstands them to have some affair. Shayra asks him to promise that he will not say anything until she speaks with Azaan. Shayra is about to get up when her dress tears. Aadil recalls damaging the furniture. Aadil calls Mashuka and Dilruba and asks if they come to his room a while back. They deny and he pretends as if sighing in relief.

Aadil finds Azaan in the shower and comes up with a plan. He takes Azaan’s mobile and keeps it near the pool. He then pours oil near the mobile and passes electricity into the water. Azaan comes out of the shower and searches for his mobile. He hears the ringtone and finds it near the pool. He goes near the mobile and steps on oil. He falls into the water and gets electrocuted.

Aadil asks Sorry to Noor but Noor sends him off. Aadil calls Azaan and Azaan is struggling in the water. Noor realizes that it’s Azaan mobile and wonders why isn’t he picking up. She goes to check on him and finds him struggling in the water. She finds the electricity wire in water and takes it away. Noor gets into the water and tries waking an unconscious Azaan. Azaan wakes up after Noor’s efforts and Noor hugs him in fear. Noor recalls Shayra and Aadil’s words about love and realizes that she loves Azaan. She releases him only to hug him again. Azaan gets confused with her behavior. Noor understands that she loves Azaan. Azaan thanks Noor for saving his life. Shayra calls Azaan and he rushes to her leaving Noor. They both hug and Noor watches it. Azaan explains what happened to everyone. Noor is still in a daze about her love realization.

Mashuka asks how did Azaan fall. Shayra scolds Mashuka and Dilruba for their carelessness. Azaan asks how did her dress gets torn. Shayra says that she went to Aadil’s room. Aadil comes there and Azaan asks how dare he. He holds him by his collar. Shayra says that it got torn by mistake. Shayra asks don’t he believe her. Azaan apologizes. Dilruba and Mashuka stand worried. Shayra sees Noor still in the pool and takes her out. She thanks her for saving Azaan and says that she would’ve died if something happened to Azaan. Noor says that she too.

Shayra asks Dilruba and Mashuka to bring tye towel. Noor looks longing at Azaan while Aadil smirks as his plan gets to succeed. He leaves the place..

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