Bahu Begum Written Update 19th November 2019: Noor’s growing feelings for Azaan and rift between Azaan and Shayra

Noor cries seeing her and Azaan’s picture. She wonders why didn’t she realize her love for hin before and cries. She then sees Shayra’s picture with Azaan. She scolds herself for thinking like that about Azaan. She says that Azaan and Shayra love each other and she can never come between them. Aadil watches her from the door and says that if Shayra comes close to him then she will automatically go to Azaan thus making his plan succeed. He smirks seeing her crying. Dilruba and Mashuka discuss about Aadil being there for Shayra and not Noor. Mashuka suspects Shayra but Dilruba takes her side saying that Shayra can never do so.

Azaan is upset about the interactions between Shayra and Aadil. He says that she’s very innocent who thinks every one as hers but not everyone is good. He hugs her and Noor sees it from outside. She runs away and bumps with Aadil. He asks why’s she crying. She says that she doesn’t find out necessary to share it with him. Aadil says that if she doesn’t share then be himself will go to Azaan and Shayra and will say about her love for Azaan. Noor begs him not to do so.

Azaan is in the dining table and Shayra asks him to wait for some time. She says that she made Shahi Biryani today. Azaan says that neither he nor Noor likes Shahi Biryani. Aadil comes there saying that he likes it irking Azaan. Azaan taunts him but Aadil doesn’t mind it. He thanks Shayra for making Biryani and Shayra smiles. Everything is noticed by Dilruba and Mashuka and they get tensed. Azaan leaves upset and Shayra signals Noor to check on Azaan. Azaan is furious at the growing closeness of Aadil and Shayra. He asks Noor about Shayra and she says that she’s busy with Aadil. Azaan gets irked that she didn’t even read Bismillah for him today. He asks Noor to read Bismillah for him. Noor hesitates but Azaan forces her to. Noor reads Bismillah for Azaan falling more and more for him.

Aadil edits his and Shayra’s videos and makes it as if Shayra is confessing her love for him. Shayra asks Noor to give a chance to Aadil. Noor asks if she wants to get rid of her. Shayra asks how could she think like that. Noor apologizes and says that she doesn’t like Aadil. Shayra says that she knows and tries convincing her.

Noor recalls Aadil’s words and is confused. She comes to find Azaan decorated the room and stands confused.

Precap: Aadil hugs Shayra and thanks to her for helping with Noor. Azaan sees it and gets furious and beats Aadil. Shayra asks why’s he behaving this way without knowing about what they are saying. She says that even Noor behaves this way with him. Azaan says that Noor is his best friend and Shayra says that Aadil is her best friend