Bahu Begum Written Update 20th November 2019: Azaan gets insecure because of Aadil and fights with Shayra

The episode starts with Noor happy with Azaan’s decorations. Azaan holds her hand and thanks to her for coming to his life but it turns out to be her dream. It’s actually Aadil in the place of Azaan. Noor asks what’s he doing here. She says that her secret is safe with him. You love Azaan a lot, right? He asks her to have a seat. Noor sits and Aadil gives her gifts. He says that he wanted to surprise her but realized that she loves Azaan. He asks her not to worry as he’s not trying to impress her. He tries lifting her mood by showing her favorite comedy collection. She opens it to find Hers and Azaan’s picture in it. He asks what if Azaan is someones. She can still love him. He says that it’s one’s wish to accept another’s love but it’s her right to love and bone can stop her doing it.

Noor asks why’s he doing all this. He says that he loves her and always wants her happy. Noor apologizes to him and thanks to him. He extends his hand for friendship and Noor takes it. Shayra is waiting for Noor and Noor comes with the gifts. Noor says that she was guilty for the way she was thinking. She says that she’s clear now that all that she feels is right. Noor meant it for Azaan and Shayr6 thinks it’s Aadil. Shayra gets happy and Noor leaves.

Aadil pretends all excited and lifts Shayra and swirls her. He thanks her hugging her and Azaan gets furious seeing it. He separates Aadil from Shayra and asks how dare he is. He starts beating him. Shayra tries controlling him but he doesn’t listen. He hits his hand on furniture. Aadil says that he was just thanking Shayra. Azaan didn’t get convinced and badmouths him. Noor too comes there. Shayra asks if it’s any way to behave with guests. She asks him to apologize. Azaan gets furious at her and leaves. Noor sees blood marks on the floor and panics.

Shayra scolds Azaan for raising his hand on Aadil without knowing anything. Azaan asks what’s wrong with her and how could she let him hug her. Shayra reasons that even Noor hugged him so many times then why can’t Aadil. Azaan asks her to compare his childhood friendship with Azaan. Noor says about his hand bleeding. Shayra panics and goes to get first aid kit. In the meantime, Noor ties his hand with her dupatta. Aadil smirks seeing his plan succeed. Shayra tries applying  medicine but he takes his hand away.

Noor warns Azaan to inform Badi Ammi if he continues treating Shayra this way. She asks him to apologize Shayra. Azaan sees her crying and apologizes. Noor reasons that Shayra is more important to him as she’s his wife. She removes the dupatta bandage and Shayra applies medicine. Aadil gets furious

Aadil asks Noor why’s she doing it. She says that the pain she gave Azaan is nothing in front of it. She thanks him for making her realize her love for Azaan but Azaan only loves only Shayra.

Precap: Azaan gets doubtful on Shayra and overhears Aadil and Shayra’s talks and misunderstands her