Bahu Begum Written Update 23rd July 2019 :- Destiny plays the trump card in Mehendi ceremony

The episode starts with Suraiya brainwashing Noor to not let the issue between her and Khali go out of this room as it may affect the family’s reputation. She uses her mom and Bahu Begam to convince Noor and get succeeds too. Noor stops Shayra and asks her to not let this out as she’s worried about her mom. Shayra too recalls her earlier conversation with Yasmeen and gets confused between what to do and what not. Shayra finally agrees to let go off it but demands to send Khalid away from haveli during the marriage period of Noor. Suraiya agrees to it without an option left and thanks Shayra for it but with vengeance written all over her face.

Shayra leaves with Noor while Asgar and Suraiya promise themselves for Shayra’s destruction.
Noor and Shayra meet Azaan outside, he questions them about their whereabouts. He teases Shayra for spending more time with Noor than with her fiance. The trio shares a sweet light-hearted moment which is witnessed by Razia and Yasmeen. They both wishes happiness for the trio in the meantime Asgar and Suraiya who is also watching everything from a distance looks evilly at them.

Shayra comforts a broken Noor when Yasmeen enters the room. Shayra wishes them for the night and leaves from there. Noor and Yasmeen share an emotional moment about her marriage and Noor finds it difficult to maintain her fake strong face in front of her mom.

Shayra still couldn’t come in terms with the incident and feels Khalid needs to be punished. Azaan sees her worried face and assures her that nothing will go wrong with Noor. Azaan and Shayra have a pizza party followed by Azaan singing a lullaby for Shayra to make her sleep. Both dozes off in the same place.
Shayra wakes up to find herself in Azaan’s lap and feels shy. Noor comes and teases them for spending time alone without anyone’s knowledge. Yasmeen too comes there and teases the duo as well. Shayra questions Noor whether she is fine and she assures that she forgot the incident but also notices Asgar and Suraiya watching them from a distance. Noor informs Razia about Azaan and Shayra’s romantic time and she blesses them. Later Noor takes Shayra along with her for the celebration.

Razia asks to start both the would-be bride Noor and Shayra’s Mehendi ceremony. Azaan along with Faiz sneaks in the function without anyone’s knowledge. Azaan and Shayra share a romantic eye lock. Everyone is enjoying happily while Suraiya looks evilly at them. The mehndi artist asks for her husband’s name to Shayra and the same happens with Noor. Shayra says Azaan but when Noor was about to answer she sees Azaan and calls out for him. The mehndi artist mistook it for her husband’s name and writes Azaan name on her hand too.

Precap: Azaan and Shayra marriage rituals are going on. Noor is also getting ready for her marriage.