Bahu Begum Written Update 24th July 2019 :- Azaan and Shayra gets married

The episode starts with Azaan and Faiz sneaking into the Mehendi Hall only to be stopped by Yasmeen. Yasmeen questions them for the arrival and both starts using silly excuses. They try convincing Yasmeen but in vain. She sends both of them out. Azaan’s sister starts dancing who are joined by Razia and Shayra. Azaan and Faiz managed to finally sneak in without anyone’s knowledge and leaves to meet their respective bride in lady attire. Azaan and Shayra share a romantic eye-lock only to be disturbed by Yasmeen again.

She brings both Azaan and Faiz in the middle of the crowd and everyone laughs seeing their desperate nature. Razia sends them out once again.

Yasmeen for the third time interrupts Azaan from meeting Shayra and Azaan excuses that he’s here to meet Noor and see her Mehendi. He tries seeing her Mehendi but Noor hides it and stops him from seeing it.

Later at night Noor praises Shayra’s Mehendi and notices a bracelet on her hand. She likes it asks for it but Shayra refuses to say that it’s gifted by Azaan. Noor shows fake anger towards her and says that she didn’t even share pizza last night now this. Shayra feels guilty and Noor laughs seeing her face. She reveals that she was just pranking her and is about to escape only to be caught by Azaan. Azaan and Noor fight with each other and Noor gets reminded of their childhood and gets emotional.

In the meantime, Yasmeen and Razia get emotional for their children and Yasmeen shows her handmade dupatta for Noor to Razia. Yasmeen worries for Noor and Razia assures her that everything will go well.
The trio promises themselves that their relationship will never change with time no matter what happens. In parallels, Razia too promises Yasmeen that nothing will go wrong with Noor’s marriage indicating that both the promises are gonna be broken soon.

Surraiya looks evilly at the happy environment and plans to spoil it with Asgar. Shayra’s mother is asked to apply kajal as a ritual and Shayra feels sad as she doesn’t have one. Razia asks Surraiya to perform it who taunts her indirectly for being an orphan. Everyone gets angry at her including Razia but Surraiya kept taunting her more and more.

Surraiya is about to apply the kajal but Shayra stops her and asks Razia that if this ritual is necessary. She asks Razia to not get angry on Surraiya as she’s right about her being an orphan. Yasmeen intervenes and says that she’s not an orphan and she will do the ritual as her mother. Razia and Shayra get emotional but Surraiya taunts her about the gift which should be given for performing the ritual. She taunts that all that Yasmeen has is given by Razia.

Yasmeen asks Noor to bring the gifts that she has kept for her. Noor returns with a Payal and the handmade dupatta. Yasmeen does the ritual and gives Noor’s gifts to Shayra. Noor taunts Surraiya for her nose cut and she leaves angrily.

Shayra arrives at the mandap with all the other ladies and Azaan and Shayra shares a romantic eye lock. Quazi asks Shayra about the gift she wants from Shayra and Razia says that Shayra is the biggest gift she could ever have. Quazi asks the same thing to Shayra who says that she just wants only love and nothing more. When it’s Azaan turn he says he doesn’t even want marriage if it means to accept dowry. Everyone gets happy and starts the marriage ritual.

Quazi asks Azaan permission for the marriage and he says Qubool hai thrice. In the meantime, Noor gets Faiz calls and gets in romantic talks with him. Quazi asks the same to Shayra and Shayra too says Qubool hai thrice in parallel with Noor who says Qubool hai at the phone in the exact same time thus indirectly getting married to Azaan.

Azaan and Shayra get married and the after marriage rituals takes place which is also indirectly joined by Noor.

Precap: Azan gets Noor ready for her marriage. A blast is heard and Noor gets caught in a fire and calls Azaan for help