Bahu Begum Written Update 28th November 2019: Noor finds out Adil’s true intention

The episode starts with Noor saying Mashuka and Dilruba about her doubts on Aadil. She recalls all the events happened. She realizes that everything is scripted and is Aadil’s drama. She checks her room and finds the prank doll given by Aadil. She finds camera in the doll and realizes his game. She acts in front of the camera as if she’s searching some earring. Aadil meets someone who’s dressed as Shayra. She says that Azaan thinks that they have an affair d. She asks him to come with her to prove her innocence. She says that it’s necessary to prove themselves to Azaan. He says that Azaan is not in the state to understand and will speak with him later. She’s revealed to ge Noir. She’s about to move but her head cover gets unwrapped. Aadil didn’t notice her and she leaves. Aadil in a call says about sending his and Shayra’s videos to everyone in room no. 681. Noor realizes that Shayra is not having aby affair with Shayra.

Shayra tries talking with Azaan and asks what’s his problem and why’s he behaving this way. He’s about to show the fake video to Shayra. Aadil tries controlling him with remotes and finds it missing. However he finds it before the video gets played and once again tortures him. Shayra calls for Razia and Noor. Razia comes running and Aadil enjoys their suffering. Razia asks Shayra to leave as Azaan is getting more anxious seeing her.

Noor enters Aadil’s room to find the video and searches for his laptop. She finds the real videos which he has edited and understands everything. She finds all his cheap edited and real videos. Noor says that Azaan is right about Aadil. Aadil comes to his room.

Noor panics hearing knob sound and immediately hides. He touches his laptop and finds it hot. He goes out and sighs in relief. She comes out and Razia spots her. She asks why did you wear Shayra’s clothes. She misunderstands Noor for trying to fool Azaan with Shayra’s clothes. Noor says that it’s not and says about Aadil trying to destroy their family. She says that she needs to go to hotel and asks her to trust her. She says she don’t trust her but Azaan says that he trusts her.

Razia asks if he knows what’s he doing. He says that their friendship is from childhood and he knows what he’s doing. Noor says about the edited videos in Aadil’s laptop. Noor asks for Shayra and Dilruba says that she has gone for dargah. Razia asks Azaan to rest but Azaan says that he wants to catch him red handed. They leave and Razia stands tensed.