Bahu Begum Written Update 4th December 2019: Shayra learns about Adil’s wicked plan!

Today’s episode starts with Azaan asking Shayra why she did this to him. Adil presses the button and Azaan gets the attack and he shouts, Shayra tells this is the reason she has distanced herself from him.  Razia takes him out of the room.

Razia asks Azaan to say something. Azaan recalls his moments with Shayra and later, thinks of her betrayal. Noor sees Shayra and runs to her. Dilruba and Noor ask Shayra if she is lying. Shayra confesses in front of the duo that she loves Adil and came here to take her belongings. Azaan hears her and goes inside. There, Adil thinks drama will start now. Razia ask Shayra how dare she come to her home.

Azaan brings Shayra’s stuffs and ask her to take everything with her that belongs to her. He pours kerosene on Shayra’s stuff and says stuffs don’t only belong to her, as he too has a connection with them. He burns her clothes and further, says to Shayra that he too belong to her and pours kerosene on him too. Shayra about to leave, meanwhile Azaan sets fire on himself. Noor and Razia help to put-off the fire. Ahead, Razia throws Shayra out from the house and ask her to stay away from her son.

Later, Azaan screams Shayra’s name and Shayra gets restless. She thinks to meet him but Adil stops her. She further confronts Adil and asks him he said if she will do whatever he will say than he will not hurt Azaan. Adil asks Shayra if she forgot the deal. In the flashback; Shayra learns about the chip which Adil has fitted in Azaan’s teeth and is controlling him. Shayra stands shocked. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Azaan receives Adil and Shayra’s wedding invitation and ask Noor if she will marry him. Noor stands shocked.