Balika Vadhu 2 14th October 2021 Written Update: Premji suffers loss in business

Balika Vadhu 2 14th October 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Anandi lying about the incident with Devali, she recalls how Sejal had requested her not to tell about what happened there to her parents . She says she sat in the kadahi and Devali made her have fun by rotating it. Ratan makes Anandi fall asleep. She gets worried about her. Premji and Sejal miss Anandi badly. Ratan wakes up and thinks Anandi will be sleeping till late as she couldn’t sleep well at night and kept mumbling in her sleep.

Then Ratan goes to room and gets shocked to see Anandi already woke up and got ready. Ratan asks Anandi why she woke up so soon. Anandi recalls how Maadi Baa had thrown water on her to wake her up when she woke up late. Anandi lies about the incident to Ratan. Khimji meets Anandi and tell her that he bought her favourite snacks and jalebi. He calls Ratan to serve snacks for Anandi but she says she will take herself. Ratan is amused seeing her behaving maturedly. Anandi says she will not stay free at home as Maadi Baa had said that girls should not stay idle at home so she will help Ratan will household work.

Premji gets call from someone who cancels his order. Premji gets shocked and asks how can he do so as order is almost prepared. He feels helpless. Maad Baa hears this and tells him not to raise his blood pressure and talk to someone senior but he says once that man has denied, order is really cancelled. Kalpesh comes back home. Leela says he didn’t eat food at home as he wanted to eat food made by Ratan. Anandi comes there with snacks for him. They hug each other happily and then Anandi teases him about sleeping with Ratan. He leaves from there.

Ratan asks Leela about visiting Dr Sarda. Bhuvan says he and Leela will go for tests to Ahmedabad and hope there is good news when they return back. Anandi asks if Ahmedabad is a big place. Leela says she will bring gifts for her. Anandi says to buy it for Kalpesh too. Ratan tells Anandi to send Kalpesh to her. Dhingli comes with notice from school. Ratan asks Kalpesh to read and explain it. He tells that the application states that if Anandi didn’t attend school within more three days she will be rusticated.

Anandi comes from behind and surprises Dhingli. They hug each other. Dhingli inform her about test in school next day. Dhingli gets surprised when Anandi tells her to explain it to her and she will study. Anandi tells Khimji that in hurry she forgot to bring her books which Premji had bought. Premji gets call that his factory has caught fire. He prays the damage is not much. The episode ends with Premji coming back from factory and feeling devastated due to huge loss caused by the fire.

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