Balika Vadhu 2 17th September 2021 Written Update: Anandi successfully completes her task in time

Balika Vadhu 2 17th September 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts Anandi saying her hand is hurting and she cannot grind anymore. She shows her hands which are red and full of blisters. Ratan cries seeing Anandi’s state and goes aside to cry. Devadi goes there and taunts her, she says tomorrow she will call the man again to give another task as Anandi is going to fail in this task. Baa tells Devadi’s husband she wants the go and see Anandi. He videocalls Jigar and asks him to show Annadit. Baa asks him if Anandi can do the ritual. Jigar says she is doing her best but seems she cannot complete it. Baa feels sorry for Anandi.

Ratan comes and says Anandi she can give up if she wants. Then she says that Khimji had called and was so confident that his Anandi will surely complete the task. She says her Anandi doesn’t cry instead makes crying people laugh. Her words encourage Anandi. Anandi says she will do the task and prays goddess to help her. She starts grinding at faster speed, even Jigar and Kalpesh encourage her and she completes the task in time successfully.

Everyone offer the prasad to goddess and compliments Anandi for doing the task. Sejal brings jalebis for her. Anandi eats it happily. Premji and Khimji return back. Suddenly Anandi becomes unconscious. Everyone rush towards her and calls doctor. He says she fainted due to tiredness. Anandi says her hands are hurting. Doctor gets shocked to see her hands full of blisters. He asks what did the little girl do. When Sejal tells about ritual of grinding, doctor tells them its against law to make little girl do such difficult task. He gives ointment to apply on Anandi’ blisters. Ratan applies it. Jigar also feels bad for Anandi and asks her if she is feeling better.

Later both Sejal and Premji asks for forgiveness from Khimji and Ratan. They say its partially their mistake that Anandi has to go through all this. Khimji tells Premji that he knows how much he loves Anandi and he didn’t do anything intentionally. Later Ratan tells Khimji that this is why she didn’t want gauna to be done. She tells they will make Anandi study higher just like Kalpesh so that she can take stand for herself. Khimji tells they will go back next day.

Anandi and Kanku talk and share about their liking. Kanku tells Anandi they will learn Garba together. Anandi says Devadi wont allow it. Kanku tells her not to worry and they will find some solution. Khimji informs Premji about going back. Premji says him to go after Anandi recovers. Premji’s father comes back home. They tell him about all the incidents. He goes to meet Anandi. He teases Anandi saying he bought bitter medicine for her but gives chocolates. Anandi happily hugs him. Devadi looks on and thinks soon Anandi will win over everyone in the house.

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