Balika Vadhu 2 20th October 2021 Written Update: Khimji and Premji get into argument

Balika Vadhu 2 20th October 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Anandi and Kanku playing and Jigar says he is getting bored. Anandi asks him to join their game. He denies and tells them to play. Kanku gets call from someone and gets busy on call. Anandi gets bored. Khimji says Premji that he will take Anandi back to Devgarh asap. Maadi Baa says there is lots of discussion going on but as elder her decision is final and she wants her daughter in law in the house.

Premji says that he can give Anandi comforts which Khimji can never give. Ratan says that but when she stayed there all she got was pain and punishment. Khimji gets shocked and asks her what punishment is she talking about. Ratan explains him everything. He gets angry at holds Premji’s collar. Maadi Baa asks him to leave Premji’s collar. Sejal tries to intervene and calm down the situation. But Maadi Baa shuts her up. Ratan gets stunned to see this. Anandi thinks she is bored and tries to trick Jigar to play with her. She challenge s him and he agrees to play.

Jigar tries to play but fails to complete the round. Anandi laugh at him. Some boys come there and laugh at Jigar for playing girl’s games. They try to tease Anandi when she tells them everyone can play all the games. They ask who Anandi is. Kanku comes and says she is Premji’s friend’s daughter. They noticed the mangalsutra in her neck and ask if her husband also plays with her. Jigar takes a stand for Anandi and doesn’t let boys mock her. Anandi smiles and tells Jigar he isn’t as bad as she used to think. He says if he is so good she should stay with them.

At home, Khimji announces that anything happens he won’t let Anandi stay there. Devraj comes and asks whats happening. Premji says Khimji is upset because he has to stay away from his daughter. Khimji asks Ratan to bring Anandi as no one will understand them here. Ratan looks around but cannot find Anandi. Premji stops Ratan and tells he won’t allow them to take his grahlakshmi back like this. He talks very rudely. Kanku tells Anandi that she will miss her a lot. Anandi also tells she will miss both Jigar and Kanku. Anandi tells Jigar to come and stay her house like she stayed at his house.

Jigar says he is her to be husband and should become friends now. They go back to home. Premji stops Khimji by pulling his hand. Anandi comes there and is shocked by the situation. Premji runs to her and says she will stay here and should bid goodbye to her parents. Khimji and Premji tell her not to get influenced and come with them. Anandi says she will go back with her parents. Premji announces that if she keeps her feet outside home, Anandi’s relationship with his house will be over forever. Episode ends with Khimji and Ratan leaving house with Anandi.

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