Balika Vadhu 2 22nd October 2021 Written Update: Bhuvan’s reality comes in front of everyone

Balika Vadhu 2 22nd October 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Premji praying to goddess and saying that he cannot let Anandi stay away from his house when she is his house bhagya lakshmi especially after the incident that happened with Jigar. He promises himself that before Diwali he will bring her back and Anandi will be one to do puja on Diwali. Maadi Baa says they should near Kanha Ji and think of some solution. She takes out a small cage and says solution shall be something like this. Premji asks her what it is. He sees Sejal passing by so he quickly hides it and makes some excuses to leave from there.

Ratan scolds Anandi for receiving Jigar’s call. Khimji comes there and Ratan changes the topic. She tells Anandi to inform her if she needs any help. Khimji tells her that she should forget whatever happened back at Raigarh and make a new start. Anandi promises to do the same. Anandi is coming back after buying tomatoes and happy that she bargained for some amount. She happily thinks she will tell about it to Ratan and she will feel happy.

While passing by Bhuvan’s house, Anandi hears Leela screaming. Some men outside his home say that Bhuvan is drunkard and daily beats his wife. Anandi opens the door and enters inside to find Bhuvan badly beating Leela. She tries to stop and even leela asks her to go back home. Bhuvan pushes Anandi harshly. He keeps beating Leela calling her infertile. Anandi quickly asks some lady for mobile and calls Khimji. She tells him about Bhuvan beating Leela and asks them to come asap. Ratan asks her if she is sure because her brother cannot do this but Anandi says she is sure and asks them to come as soon as possible. Ratan asks her not to be afraid.

Anandi thinks Leela needs doctor’s help as she is badly injured due to all beatings. Khimji and Ratan arrive at Bhuvan’s house and get shocked to see Leela’s condition. Ratan badly beats up Bhuvan for harassing Leela. She recalls how Anandi had previously also claimed about Bhuvan beating Leela but she didn’t trust her. She feels guilty and scolds Bhuvan for playing with their emotions. Bhuvan tries to talk against Leela and bad mouths calling her infertile. Ratan asks him to shut up and not to insult another woman with his dirty mouth..

Dr Sarita, Kadvi Baa and Dhingli also come there. Sarita tells that test reports prove that Leela isnt infertile. Bhuvan gets shocked to hear it. Ratan beats Bhuvan angrily and Anandi asks her to calm down as she is getting scared seeing her like this. Kadvi Baa makes her sit and drink water. Leela announces that she will no longer stay with Bhuvan. She also thanks Ratan for going against her brother and standing by her side. The episode ends with Anandi and Dhingli hugging each other

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