Balika Vadhu 2 24th September 2021 Written Update: Devali fails to humiliate Anandi

Balika Vadhu 2 24th September 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Devali going to kitchen and spoiling the Lapshi cooked by Anandi by adding lemon in it. She happily takes it in bowl and thinks all will humiliate Anandi after eating it. Devali gets shocked to see Anandi has already served Lapshi to everyone and they liked it. Devraj gives Anandi money as blessing. Maadi Baa asks her if she will buy ice-cream with it. Anandi says she won’t if Maadi Baa says which makes her happy. Baa praises Anandi and tells Devali to taste it. Anandi tells Devali Lapshi she brought is finished so she will serve from the bowl she has brought.

Baa asks Anandi to serve her more Lapshi. Devali thinks her plan will be revealed if she tastes the spoiled Lapshi so she intentionally drops the whole bowl of Lapshi and scolds Anandi instead. Anandi says Devali if she can give her share of Lapshi to Baa as she is elder, Maadi Baa gets impressed by her talks. However when Baa sees Devali looking displeased, she says Anandi to let Devali eat it. Devali thinks she need to eat and pretend to save herself from getting revealed.

Devali takes a bite but struggles to swallow it. She rushes to vomit it out and wonders how did Anandi cook well. Sejal and Anandi talk to Ratan on videocall. Ratan says she cannot believe Anandi cooked and tells her how all of them misses her a lot. Anandi tells once she goes back she will cook for all of them and she misses them too. Anandi says she is going out. Sejal puts Pallu on her head and tells her to learn to keep it or else Maad Baa will scold her again.

Devali gifts Anandi new dress and asks her to tell how she cooked so well. Maadi Baa calls Devali and Anandi leaves without telling anything. Jigar is coming with oil paint bottle in his hand and collides with Anandi due to which color splashes on his shirt and even on Anandi’s new dress. They both get into argument. Premji comes there and scolds Jigar for always fighting with Anandi. He complains about his shirt getting ruined so Premji asks him to change it. Anandi also tells that he ruined the gift given by Devali. Premji takes her along to clean it.

Devali provokes Jigar against Anandi. He falls into her words and reveals to her that Anandi had asked for his phone to call Ratan and finds she had checked Lapshi recipe online. Devali goes and informs about this to Maadi Baa. She decides to punish Anandi even without saying that she is giving punishment. Anandi comes to meet Baa and she gives her oil to massage her feet. She asks Anandi to stand and do the massage. Anandi feels the smell of oil suffocating but Baa makes her do the massage to feet for a long time. Devali watches all this and enjoys. Episode ends with Baa telling Anandi to do massage for another 2 hours.

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