Balika Vadhu 2 30th November 2021 Written Update: Anandi breaks friendship with Anand

Balika Vadhu 2 30th November 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with the groom’s family badmouthing about Kanku’s character and calls her impure as she spent whole night with a guy. Madhav asks them to shut up and tells Kanku is pure and they didn’t get intimate. They don’t believe his words and tells Maadi Baa that now her family cannot show their face any where and leaves from there. They say they don’t want their son to get married to girl like Kanku and no other guy will marry her after this. Madhav tells them that he will marry Kanku.

Madhav tells that he loves Kanku and she also loves him but he wants to marry only after being self capable. He says his family makes and sells shoes but he wants to do something better and stand on his feet. Maadi Baa says that means he belongs to different caste. Devali breaksdown badly. Premji requests Madhav to leave before he hurts him. Kanku keeps cruise badly. Anandi again blames Anand and says because of him everyone is upset now. Maadi Baa says Kanku she was her pride but now she has broken her completely. She feels she shouldn’t have returned back home. Mehul asks for forgiveness from Maadi Baa but she says they should ask forgiveness instead as they couldn’t distance themselves from their modern thought and upbringings.

Anandi tells Anand that he broke her trust and scolds him but Bhairavi asks her to shut up and takes Anand with herself. Devali and Lakha Kumar decides to leave Premji’s house. Devali says she couldn’t set good example for her daughter so now she will go back to her in-laws home and tells Premji to take care of Kanku. Anand is very upset. Bhairavi and Mehul try to console him and asks his reason for doing all this.

Anand explains that his only intention was to help Kanku. They tell him not to feel guilty, what he did was right just the way may not be completely right. Mehul ask him to pack his luggage and tells that even if they come to India they wont come to this house. He says he wants to go and talk to Kanku once before leaving. Bhairavi wants to stop him but Mehul says this closure is necessary for him.

Anand goes to Kanku and asks her why she betrayed and used him. He tells when he was being badly blamed and tagged as villain why she didn’t say them the truth. Anandi comes there and again misunderstands the situation. She scolds him for again giving pain to Kanku and tells she is breaking their friendship and he should leave from their house. She also asks him never to come back and doesn’t let him speak anything. While leaving Jigar hugs him and indirectly taunts him. The episode ends with Anand leaving with his parents while Jigar and Anandi are watching him. From tomorrow meet grown up Anandi and be a part of her new journey.

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