Balika Vadhu 2: Devali ruins Lapshi cooked by Anandi?

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The colors tv popular show Balika Vadhu 2 is showing the storyline of the problems faced both physically and mentally when a girl is forced into child marriage due to circumstances and society. Even though Anandi has caring in laws but with entry of Maadi Baa her life has become more difficult.

In the previous episode Maadi Baa said Anandi to cook Lapshi for her kitchen ritual. Devadi went to kitchen and gave all the ingredients to Anandi.
Anandi struggled to cook Lapshi alone.
Devali stopped Kanku outside kitchen but she managed to go inside. Kanku quickly wrote down the recipe to help Anandi but she couldn’t complete it due to Devali.

Ratan was busy cooking and didn’t receive Anandi’s call. Anandi plays a video to see how Lapshi was cooked but before she could finish Jigar came back and took the phone.
Anandi saw that there is no ghee among the ingredients that Devali gave her. She saw it placed on top of the shelf and climbed up to get it but fell down on floor and got hurt.

In the upcoming episode we will Anandi will finish cooking her Lapshi in time but when she goes outside kitchen, Devali adds lots of sugar and lemon to spoil it. Anandi will serve the Lapshi to everyone. Devali smirks thinking now Anandi will be humiliated again.

How will Anandi prove herself?

Will Devali stop troubling Anandi?

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